So, do we want censorship?

The Canadian media’s apparent obsession with this country’s offending China is beyond me–except for their having an agenda:

NAC performance angers China…
The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa issued a strongly worded statement last night denouncing as propaganda a travelling cultural performance that features the simulated killing of a Falun Gong supporter by Chinese police.
The statement warned that China was opposed to officials from any country participating in the event — an apparent reference to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who wrote a greeting letter published in the program for the show that was billed as a celebration of the Chinese New Year…

Mark C.
Update: Filthy lucre: the Globe is still fixated on placating China, making money, and knocking the Cons. Human rights, well, tail-end Charlie in the story.

The federal Conservative government has vowed to revive its stalled relationship with China, promising new money and staff to reinforce Canada’s trade offices in the world’s most populous country.
The government is dispatching two senior cabinet ministers to Beijing this week, sending a new signal that it wants to halt the tensions that had plagued Canada-China relations over the past year…
While the Tories are trying to strengthen their economic relations with China, they are showing no signs of backing down on their concerns about China’s human rights record [as if that is a stand worth raising eyebrows about: good grief – MC]. Mr. Emerson said he expects to raise human rights issues on Wednesday during a meeting with China’s foreign minister.

This is gratuitous on my part, but in 1939 Germany was the most populous country in Europe (besides the USSR). It all depends on what one thinks important.
An interesting sidelight: today’s CTV News poll question is:

What do you think should be top priority in Canada’s dealings with China?

The results as of 1950 EST:

Human rights 3370 votes (56 %)
Trade 2635 votes (44 %)

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