The inauguration schedule

Tomorrow’s festivities are outlined here. The swearing-in ceremony begins at 11:30AM Eastern time.
Damian P.


5 thoughts on “The inauguration schedule

  1. The bullshit with Obama never stops. First the brother raises $700 million dollars US from the Hood… second he is what a christian, a jew, a muslim, an atheist? Actually he is a commie, but I ain’t tellin.’ He spends the most on his inaguration where he dares to compare himself to Lincoln, what gall. Lastly, I was at CTV website and they are asking if Obammie is most like: Roosevelt, Kennedy, etc etc, hell he ain’t been in da big house yet! How can you compare a liberal president elect to other liberal presidents when he hasn’t done anything yet?

  2. Ellie and Dan:
    LOL. You’re both right on the money!
    I wish the new president well, but will not be watching any of the festivities. I don’t hate or even dislike Obama, but the prelude to today has seen the most over hyped and bloated response by the media (and others) than I have ever seen in my lifetime.

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