The bright side

Jonah Goldberg explains how American conservatives can make the best of Barack Obama’s election:

…you will not soon see a German chancellor of Turkish descent. Nor will a child of North African immigrants soon take the reins of power in France. It will be a long time before a Pakistani or Indian last name appears on the mailbox at 10 Downing St. And yet these countries bubble over with haughty finger-waggers eager to lecture backward and provincial America about race and tolerance. Why not enjoy rubbing Barack Obama in their faces?

Damian P.


1 thought on “The bright side

  1. Actually, this point is weak. A more apt comparison, in Britain’s case would be a prime minister drawn from middle and working classes. In other words, race has been a divisive factor in the US, while class played a similar role in the UK.
    In addition, equating the experiences of African-Americans, who were resident in the US since it’s inception, with the experiences of minorities who migrated to Europe in living memory, is a classic apples/oranges argument.

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