“Mossad Sleeper Agent?”

Terry Glavin really doesn’t like Sid Ryan–or the way the Canadian left has been going:

Andrew Potter asks that question, tongue-in-cheek on a serious subject, but also a more serious question: “CUPE has never seen fit to demand that American academics denounce George W. Bush, or insist that Russian professors criticize Vladimir Putin, before they should be allowed to set foot on an Ontario campus. Could there be something more sinister at work than mere concern for the immediate plight of the Gazans?”
Yes, I reckon so. In any case, something sinister is going on, and Sid Ryan is an embarrassment to CUPE and to trade unionism, and Ryan’s fans are quite right about one thing: a seriously-overcaffeinated anti-Zionism has indeed become “a central part of the left’s political culture.” I also agree that it is wholly foreign to the central traditions of the Canadian Left and its institutions…

More from Damian:

Let’s not give Sid Ryan any more ideas

Mark C.


4 thoughts on ““Mossad Sleeper Agent?”

  1. Dr Dawg: Mr Glavin did not accuse Mr Ryan of being an anti-semite but of “seriously-overcaffeinated anti-Zionism”.
    Mr Coren damns Mr Ryan with faint praise; what he is really defending is freedom of speech (i.e. also no human rights commissions stifling speech, something which you favour):
    “I still think he is wrong. Absolutely and fundamentally. I believe his position, and that of those who agree with him, to be lacking in balance, nuance and understanding. I think it singles out one particular state for special loathing and peculiar treatment and is part of a grander critique of the West and in particular the U. S. and its allies. I also believe that some of those calling for boycotts of Israel are motivated by their hatred of Jews. But I not only think but know that this is not the case with Ryan and that to call him an anti-Semite is not only unfair to him but also dilutes the genuine repugnance of authentic anti-Semitism…
    In essence this is all about freedom of speech and the emergence in this city of an ugly desire to limit contrary opinion. It’s more frequent on the left but all sides exhibit the tendency. We probably discuss 250 different subjects in a year of Friday shows and I doubt the Middle East is mentioned more than a dozen times. Yet still there is the demand that Ryan be removed. If I bent to the wind from critical e-mails I’d have blown away most of my panellists by now. No. People have the right to be wrong and almost all opinions have the right to be heard. Even in good old liberal Toronto.”
    Not exactly your view, I should think.

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