Spin, Globe, spin

The Globe and Mail’s Paul Koring is determined to make President Obama follow Mr Koring’s own agenda:

Obama gets started on new Afghanistan strategy

This is the NY Times headline for the same event:

Obama Meets With Officials on Iraq, Signaling His Commitment to Ending War

The word “Afghanistan” appears but once in the Times story. Meanwhile, the Globe’s main person in Afghanistan for the last two and half years has a rather inflated–and to my mind wrong-headed–conception of a reporter’s job (dig the photo at the link):

…Good journalism isn’t always enough to stop the tragedies, but I’ve seen how a situation changes with a bit of daylight…

More on Graeme Smith here.
Mark C.
Update: Another example of how torqued the Globe’s spin is: when new White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, at this first media briefing, was asked about the president’s discussion with his national security team the word “Afghanistan” did not pass his lips. It was all Iraq.


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