Bush the Barbarian

What the Globe and Mail really thinks of his administration:

As U.S. emerges from dark age, Canada’s scientific advantage fades
U.S. approval of human stem-cell trial heralds research renaissance

I guess the Globe’s headline writer doesn’t know the Renaissance came after the Middle Ages, not the Dark Ages.
Mark C.


5 thoughts on “Bush the Barbarian

  1. Arrogant hateful left-leaning ‘journalists’ just can’t help themselves. They make each other feel good every time they get a dig in – but it’s so boring and predictable.

  2. Umm, the “Dark Ages” refers to the “Middle Ages.” That is, they’re the same thing.

  3. This stem cell trial has nothing to do with Obama. It’s privately funded, it uses a cell line that’s OK for NIH funding anyway and Obama hasn’t changed any stem cell policies yet.
    This story seems oddly anti-Canadian on some level. Why couldn’t Canada get to such a trial in eight years of supposed advantage?

  4. Otter, don’t you know that the average left leaning journalist knows nothing about pure and applied science? In the poli-aci educated universe knowledge of what really makes the world go around ends at mastering turning on a light switch.

  5. *Umm, the “Dark Ages” refers to the “Middle Ages.” That is, they’re the same thing.*
    Note: no one except idiot journalists even refers to the `Dark Ages’ anymore – and no one except idiot commentors on blogs thinks the `Middle’ Ages is synonymous with the Dark Ages.
    (note: the term `Dark Ages’ refers to the period fifth to eighth century, of which at one time, very little written material was known; it referred only to how this age was `dark’ to history, not the way people behaved. And it isn’t even true any more, we know lots of things about that period).
    to the issue at hand:
    If it is `barbarian’ to ban stem-cell research, is this not the case in Canada right now?
    And didn’t this come about as a result of a FEMINIST Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies in the 1990s?

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