Shoah losers

Mark Weber, head of the pseudo-academic “Institute for Historical Review,” admits that the IHR’s reason for being – Holocaust denial – just isn’t catching on (outside of Iran, at least):

One of the primary leaders in the fight to question and delegitimize the Holocaust has proclaimed that fight to be a lost cause, sparking a furious debate among his cohorts.
Mark Weber, a telegenic Californian, has served for 15 years as director of the Institute for Historical Review, which was founded in the late 1970s as a center for people dedicated to doubting and criticizing mainstream histories of the Holocaust.
This month, however, Weber released an essay on the institute’s Web site, questioning whether this work has ever had any relevance. Weber argued that Holocaust revisionists are unlikely to have any success in convincing large numbers of people.
“It’s been almost 30 years, and Holocaust revisionism has gotten almost no support in academic circles or society at large,” Weber told the Forward. “It’s gotten some support in Iran, or places like that, but as far as I know, there is no history department supporting writing by these folks.”

Good news, right? Not exactly. Weber is trying to broaden the organization’s mandate to include other examples of “Zionist” perfidy – and as we saw during the Gaza conflict, there’s still quite a market for this stuff:

The argument in Weber’s essay, “How Relevant Is Holocaust Revisionism?” might appear, at first glance, to be good news for the Jewish organizations that have fought against Holocaust revisionists. But in his essay, Weber calls for his movement to shift to a new mission, one more purely directed to fighting against “Jewish-Zionist power.”
Michael Shermer, a columnist for Scientific American who wrote a book about Holocaust revisionists, said that “for Weber, the Holocaust is just a minor skirmish. The real war to be won is about the Zionists.” [Actually, it’s about the Jews, Zionist or otherwise. – DP]
Since taking over, Weber has continued to publish writing on the Holocaust and on World War II. But he came to the institute after working with the white supremacist National Alliance party, and he has pushed to broaden the institute’s mandate. The Web site that Weber has built features such articles as “The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution” and “Israel at 60: A Grim Balance Sheet.”

More at Counterknowledge. (Both links via LGF.) Meanwhile, Harry’s Place finds one person upon whom the IHR appears to have made an impact:

The Pope has lifted the excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church of four bishops appointed by a breakaway archbishop more than 20 years ago.
One of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s appointees, Briton Richard Williamson, outraged Jews by saying the Nazi gas chambers did not exist.
Relations between the Vatican and representatives of the Jewish faith have been strained throughout much of the Church’s recent history; Jewish groups have accused Pope Pius of turning a blind eye to the fate of the Jews in World War II.
The latest move by Pope Benedict is likely to add to those strains.
Bishop Richard Williamson recently told Swedish TV: “I believe there were no gas chambers. I think that two to three hundred thousand Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps but none of them by gas chambers.”
The Vatican has distanced itself from those remarks.

Damian P.


5 thoughts on “Shoah losers

  1. It’s not the IHR having made an impact, it is truth.
    Zionists hate truth and have been defaming the German people for 60 years.
    They are the true psychopaths, and we should get rid of them and their terrorist ways.
    Good for some of the clergy standing up for what’s right.
    A far cry from the ‘Christian Zionist’ ‘Judeo-Christian’ clowns in the USA.

  2. Hey anarwhore
    Yep the truth does hurt.You lost the last war and we will make sure you lose the next too.
    Best to crawl back under that rock you came from.

  3. Dear Sir,
    Let’s examine the amount of donations the IHR/Mark Weber received from the revisionist/patriot community, and then ask this question: Is the revisionist/patriot community getting a good return on their money?
    For said years, the IHR/Mark Weber took in the following in “Contributions, Gifts, Grants, And Similar Amounts Received: Direct Public Support.”
    Tax Year 2000–$346, 572
    Tax Year 2001—$209, 229
    Tax Year 2002—$610, 152
    Tax Year 2003–$210, 363
    Tax Year 2005–$409, 477
    Tax Year 2006–$299, 623
    Now, this adds up to be $2,085,416. That is to say, the IHR/Mark Weber took in $2,085,416 in donations from the Revisionist/patriot community for these six tax years. Have we, in turn, received a good return on our money????
    I say, Hell no!!! Mark Weber destroyed the Journal of Historical Review, the yearly IHR conferences, the IHR’s book publishing arm, and the IHR newsletter. He even refuses to sponsor a weekly Radio talk show!
    What does Mark Weber/IHR do to deserve $2,085,416 from the Revisionist/patriot community???? Well, he sends out newspaper clippings to one thousand people or less. He sells a bunch of old books and DVDs, many of which are decades old. He attempts to market the works of others like Kevin MacDonald and Pat Buchanan–books that can be obtained cheaper elsewhere. And finally, every once in a great while Weber writes a short essay or gives a short speech.
    In my opinion, this is madness!!!! The $2,085,416 is a horrendous waste of money!! I can think of far more productive ways to utilize this money than to send it to Mark Weber.
    Unfortunately, Mark has proven himself to be a horrible leader and Director. He led the charge to destroy Willis Carto’s Liberty Lobby and the Spotlight, and took in about one million dollars to boot? And what does he have to show for it? Absolutely nothing!!
    Mark Weber destroyed the Journal of Historical Review, the IHR’s book publishing arm, the yearly IHR conferences, and the IHR’s newsletter. And what has Mark Weber given us in return?? Well, he sends out newspaper clippings to a thousand people or less.
    Weber has very little business acumen, as “his” IHR is forever teetering on the brink of financial disaster, despite the fact that he beat Carto in court and took in one million dollars. Contrast Weber’s poor record with that of his hated enemy, Willis Carto. Carto lost his home, his Liberty Lobby and Spotlight, but he bounced back and went on to create the American Free Press and The Barnes Review, etc.
    People who have been in a position to observe Mark Weber first hand, like former IHR editor Ted O’Keefe and former IHR employee Ken Usher, will tell you that he has an inability to get his work done. Indeed, this character trait has plagued much of his career. He was supposed to write a very important book, The Final Solution: Legend and Reality. Vintage Weber–he never finished the book. Brilliant procrastinator that he is, Mark can always concoct a convenient excuse as to why it is not his fault that he never published this important book.
    In a six year period, Mark Weber/the IHR took in a whopping $2,085,416!! And he has next to nothing to show for it. He is wasting Our Revisionist/patriot money. His web site basically consists of a bunch of newspaper clippings, old issues of the now-defunct Journal of Historical Review, and he attempts to sell very old books or other people’s books (books that can be easily obtained elsewhere). Every once in a great while, he gives a short speech or writes an essay. His main duty appears to be to send out newspaper clippings to about one thousand people. This is foolish waste of the large sums of money that Weber is taking in from the revisionist/patriot community and things have to change.
    One of the most important functions of a “political/historical think-tank” like the IHR is to “keep current.” That is to say, to provide new and original scholarly material on political and historical issues. Mark Weber’s IHR virtually does none of this.
    Please keep in mind Mark Weber’s battle cry, which he conveniently used when he was fighting Carto: “The IHR does not belong to one man. It belongs to all of us, because without all of us it would not exist.” Ergo, we all have a right to join in the attempt to improve the IHR.
    In a best-case scenario, I believe our goal should be to get Mark Weber to be more productive. This would be in the best interests of himself and the entire movement. Specifically, he should re-start the Journal of Historical Review, and he should host a weekly Internet Radio broadcast.
    But I hold no illusions about Mark. He wants to do the least amount of work and to continue to collect a paycheck for so doing. He is as stubborn as a mule, and there is probably nothing that can be done to make him more productive. This being so, he should resign from the IHR.
    But, once again, I hold no illusions about this either. Mark Weber has a tighter grip on the IHR than Willis Carto ever did. He is not going to give up his control of the IHR, and thus, it will probably go bankrupt in the near future. It cannot go on like it is in this present non–productive condition.
    Paul Grubach

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