Canadian border targeted…

…by new US Homeland Security secretary. Take this, Canadian Obama-worshippers (our ace Canadian media don’t seem to have noticed–via Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs):

Napolitano’s priority: Canada border
Vulnerabilities along the Canadian border are one of more than a half-dozen priorities identified by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano during her first week, along with cybersecurity and ensuring that federal officials are properly communicating with state and local officials.
“The northern border of the United States has become, since 9/11, important to our national security,” Miss Napolitano wrote in an action directive issued Friday [Jan. 23–text here].
“As we have designed programs to afford greater protection against unlawful entry, members of Congress and homeland security experts have called for increased attention to the Canadian border,” the directive said.
Miss Napolitano asked for an oral report by Feb. 10 on current vulnerabilities, the overall strategy to reduce such, a budget and time frame for improving security, and the level of risk that will remain once the programs are completed…

I fear two former Canadian ambassadors may have been rather over-optimistic about how the new president’s administration will deal with Canadian border issues:

It is encouraging that there was little mention of border issues during the presidential campaign. This suggests that Americans may be recovering from the trauma of the immediate post-9/11 period. The new Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has made a welcome distinction between northern and southern borders, acknowledging that different measures may be required to deal with each.
This having been said, the border is becoming an increasingly serious obstacle to the free flow of commerce and people. Many of the benefits of the Smart Border Accord of 2001 have been rolled back as Congress accepted such restrictive measures as passport requirements at Canada-U.S. land borders, 100-per-cent screening by 2011 of containers entering the U.S. (despite prior inspection at Canadian ports of entry) and the Secure Fence Act replicating some of the tighter measures characterizing the U.S.-Mexican border.
Modernizing our borders should stand atop the agenda for Mr. Obama’s visit to Ottawa…
Michael Kergin and Allan Gotlieb are senior advisers to the law firm Bennett Jones LLP, and former Canadian ambassadors to the United States.

Looks like more over-optimism in this earlier Toronto Star story too:

More common sense at border predicted
Obama’s appointment of Janet Napolitano inspiring confidence in Ottawa and industry

For a glimpse of one current border reality, read this post:

That old undefended border ain’t what she used to be

Mark C.


5 thoughts on “Canadian border targeted…

  1. I was hoping they’d get around to it in a timely fashion.
    The flow of illegal weapons into Canada needs some serious attention from the authorities south of the border.
    Also when their economy tanks after China calls in their markers, I hope they will have mechanisms in place to prevent US illegal immigration into Canada.

  2. Except that if our biggest market’s economy goes in the tank how do you think our economy will be doing. Illegal guns and illegal immigration from the US will be the least of your worries.

  3. “after China calls in their markers”
    Now that Keynesian economic appears to be back in fashion, I’m reminded of one his bon mots. “If you owe your bank a hundred pounds, you have a problem. But if you owe a million, it has.” To which The Economist added, “If you owe your bank a billion pounds everybody has a problem.”

  4. Thanks to people like Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish
    and Jean Chretien who himself toldthe Media that the US deserved 9/11 and that Canada didn’t have any Terorists , Americans have gotten fed-up with the Pro-Hamas Leftist in Canada who want Omar Khadr back here who could then attack the USA from our Border towns .
    Obama had hinted that GM and Chrysler may be forced to kill jobs outside of the USA before closing Plants and losing American job within the USA.
    The CAW had just shown support in Windsor for a pro-Hamas mob of Muslims that now care about Palestinians because it lets then vent their hatred for the USA and the West.
    Our Charter Of Rights appears to be a Suicide-pact with the Islamists that will no doubt want a Political Party in Ottawa with seats as MP’s as we see in Lebanon with Hezbollah , Canada’s borders are perfect for Terrorist to fire rockets into the US and then hide among us Civilians as shields.
    They do it now elsewhere , so don’t think that these pro-Shariah Law idiots won’t do it once they have the Demographic numbers since Toronto and Montreal have seen they thugs protesting with Death Threats to canadians and Terrorism threats to Canada while on our soil and collecting welfare.

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