Hands off China!

Matt Damon’s smackdown of Bill Kristol (and Kristol’s subsequent challenge to debate) is getting all the attention, but this is the part that really got my attention:

“What we liked about Matt is that he’s Harvard educated, so he’s a very smart guy,” says Hal Weiner, who with his wife Marilyn produces Journey to the Planet Earth, the PBS series Damon has narrated for the past eight years and was working on last week. “But he’s also a little political.”
The Weiners discovered just how political when Damon started arguing with them about some lines he was supposed to read in one episode, which said rising Chinese soybean consumption was leading to slash-and-burn farming in the Brazilian Amazon.
“He really objected,” Hal Weiner recalls. “He wanted to make sure we were not just bashing China. We had to bring in some scientists to talk to him before he’d do it.”

Matt, my friend, the Chinese government is only nominally Communist these days. Mao is long gone, and they’ve embraced capitalism. You don’t have to make excuses for them anymore.
Damian P.


7 thoughts on “Hands off China!

  1. I’m stunned that Damon is such a t!t. I mean, to distinguish oneself as a Hollywood leftist is quite a feat, but Damon has done it.

  2. The link states that he briefly attended Harvard. That means he’s Harvard educated? I think that ranks up there with staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

  3. Damon’s Wikipedia entry posits some sort of relationship with historian Howard Zinn, who was (as I recall) a supporter of both Chairman Mao and the Soviet Union.

  4. Bruce,
    I’ll never forget Matt’s tour de force in “Team America – World Police”. Seriously, that was his finest on-screen performance.
    Which says quite a bit about Kristol. If Bill had courage, he’d challenge Limbaugh or Ron Paul or Thomas Sowell.
    Ol’ pal, the Chinese are only nominally “capitalist”, as far as that goes, as you know. They have their own version of Mussolini’s finest vintage. “Capitalism” requires, a priori, political and economic freedoms. They have part of the latter and damned near zero of the former. I call it Sino-Fascism. Whatever it is, it ain’t “capitalism”.

  5. I wonder if he was objecting to the idea that China is anything other than paradise, or that it turns out Soy is environmentally unfriendly

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