The curse of good intentions


Native suicides linked to compensation
Deaths attributed to federal payments for residential school survivors

Mark C.


3 thoughts on “The curse of good intentions

  1. Very sad, indeed. It is also remarkable how often liberal-minded welfare results in doing more harm than good, in numerous contexts, not just in Aboriginal contexts. Evidently there is an extraordinarily high suicide rate among those who receive large lottery winnings as well.

  2. The fact that successive B.C. Governments, and Church hierarchies, were able to keep the Residential School travesty out of the Public’s awareness, while we blithely carried on with our high school social life and began our careers, has troubled me greatly. It’s like I should have been doing something…even though I had no idea it was happening.
    That and six decades (of my life) watching the Treaty fiasco, out here in B.C.

  3. Indian policy in the US is nowhere near as enlightened as Canada’s.
    And the reservations are in the midst of the “Indian Rennaisance.”
    Perhaps people in Ottawa should take notice.

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