“How Do We Stop Conservative Party Slide To Liberalism?”

Raphael Alexander had had it with the Stephen Harper Conservatives, even before the budget. One does wonder how different a Liberal government under Mickey I. would be. By the way

As far as I can see the words “defence” and “Canadian Forces” do not appear in the budget. Some conservatives…

Mark C.


7 thoughts on ““How Do We Stop Conservative Party Slide To Liberalism?”

  1. I once asked a federal Progressive Conservative supporter (i.e., he liked Joe Clark as a leader) what the difference between Clark’s PCs and the Liberals of the time. He didn’t really give me an answer.
    I gave him mine: the PCs colour was blue, the Liberals was red. And the Liberals were in power, and the PCs weren’t. Other than that, I couldn’t find a difference…

  2. The Red Tory wing of the Conservative Party has emerged triumphant. They may as well change their name back to Progressive Conservative.
    Since the Harper government has come to power they have jumped on the ‘CO2 will kill us all in a couple of years’ bandwagon instead of attacking the smog situation as they initially claimed was their goal. They have poured money into supporting losing industries which was supposedly anathema to them, and they have increased spending every year since they came to power.
    I don’t think I can go through the formation of another western based populist party since it seems they all end up abandoning their principles as soon as they hit Ottawa.
    A salute to the left wingers…you have won the day and the country will emerge as a failed state.

  3. RE : Raphael having had it with Harper.
    You say that as if it’s a bad thing!
    Are you implying that he ever was a Conservative supporter. He was a fair weather conservative at best.
    Now your day dreaming fantasying about “Mickey I”
    You say “Mickey I” like you’re in love or something. (Not that their’s anything wrong with that!)
    Well, I hate to have to crash your dream, because it would soon turn into a true “Friday the 13th” nightmare. Because you won’t just get “Mickey”, their would also be “Jackie!”. Remember him?. And of course, we don’t want to forget the worst of this bad bunch, none other than “Gillie”. Gillie will do to Canada what Freddie Kruger did to his victims. Is that what you really want? I didn’t think so.

  4. well folks – I mean bellyachers – what do you expect?
    The Coup Coalition had the sword of damocles over Harper’s head; if the latter had attempted to bring in a `fiscally conservative’ budget (as though any government since world war II has done such a thing), he would have been put out of power.
    And thence, you’d have Stefane Dion as PM, Jack Layton and his five Dippers in Cabinet, with the secessionists holding a veto over all legislation.
    If, for example, Damian did not have complete and total psychopath as head of government (Williams’ is STILL going at it), there probably would have been a CPC majority, and we could have avoided all this…
    but this is what you get when you have minority governments

  5. I’m not sure what a “fair weather” conservative even means. It certainly doesn’t make any sense. When a party morphs into a liberal party and abandons all conservative principle, either socially or fiscally, so much so that it actually sets a record for spending, and one is inclined to criticize it, this makes one a “fair weather” conservative?
    YOU can support this party and this budget if you so desire, so long as you don’t try and convince me it has anything left that is conservative in it. No, you’re not a fair weather conservative. You support the “team”, no matter how far left they go.

  6. A winning team needs to be able to skate all over the ice in order to win the game, the series and the Cup.
    P.M. Harper’s first responsibility is to Canada. Not his party, nor his own, mine or your ideology.
    Allowing those three kooks to manipulate their way into hijacking the government of Canada would of been a real disaster for Canada. Their deficit would of been at least twice that of the Conservative’s.
    See my point, the Conservative’s really are conservative’s for the time’s we are in. As that song says, “This is our World and These are our Times”
    He did the right thing for Canada, and yes, he has my “four season” support.

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