“Jewish money controls America”

You expect such talk from government officials in the Middle East. From government officials in South Africa, not so much:

South Africa’s Jewish community on Wednesday lodged a complaint of hate speech against the country’s deputy foreign minister, who earlier this month said that “Jewish money controls America and most Western countries.”
Stressing that the South African Jewish Board of Deputies “usually prefers dialogue,” the Board’s national director, Wendy Kahn, told Haaretz: “Deputy Minister Fatima Hajaig had crossed all limits.”
Kahn, who is in Israel to attend the World Jewish Congress in Jerusalem, called Hajaig’s comments “a demonstration of anti-Semitism of the oldest and most classical kind.”
In the complaint, the Board quotes what Hajaig said at a pro-Palestinian rally in Lenasia on January 14. “They in fact control [America], no matter which government comes in to power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barack Obama or George Bush,” Hajaig was heard saying.
She also said: “The control of America, just like the control of most Western countries, is in the hands of Jewish money and if Jewish money controls their country then you cannot expect anything else.”

Via Norm Geras.
Damian P.


8 thoughts on ““Jewish money controls America”

  1. if the jews controlled all the finances that bigots think they do they would not be fighting for their lives and their tiny country.

  2. I wish a banking conspiracy (Jewish or otherwise) really did control America – we wouldn’t be in this financial crisis.
    Building a conspiracy of such proportions takes a lot of time and great financial market savvy. Banking conspirators would know what makes and what breaks markets, and wanting that which they seek to conquer to be as big and powerful and profitable as possible, they would do everything in their power to maximize the health of the financial markets under their sway.
    The crisis was caused by a) Greenspan’s artificial sustenance of a housing bubble through relaxed monetary policy, and b) hippy leftist utopians who strongarmed certain lending institutions into lowering their mortgage standards so that the poor could buy houses they can’t afford.
    No competent banking conspirator would have bought into this crap.

  3. Even if the stated bigotry were true…who cares? The Christians long ago ceded involvement in the banking system to the followers of Judaism. In fact, it forced the Jewish people into taking up the one occupation in which they were able to participate fully. Gentiles still made the rules and the jews followed them. The fact that they were successful is an indication of their hard work and industry, not of any evil centralized scheme. Now, the Christians who came too late to the game cry foul. What hypocricy!

  4. Why is anyone surprised? SA has become a $5ithole and is getting worse. It is run by a bunch of tiny brained Marxists who lay blame for everything on someone else’s shoulders.

  5. So the Jews control America and quite likely the world banking system (according to the usual suspects). Not too shabby for a religious group comprising fewer than 15 million. Rather than bitching, perhaps people like Ms. Hajaig would be better off studying why they are such high achievers; you know, hard work, education etc.

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