Your grandchildren’s tax dollars at work

Kelly McParland lists a few, um, “highlights” from the federal budget. (“$50 million over the next three years to strengthen slaughterhouse capacity across Canada.” Ladies and gentlemen, your Conservative government!)
The Liberals have decided to punt:

The federal government’s survival was guaranteed for as long as a year Wednesday by Liberal support for the budget, in exchange for three “accountability” reports to Parliament as measures to stimulate the economy are rolled out.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government promptly endorsed Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s sole condition for supporting the budget.
Mr. Ignatieff’s move provoked outrage from New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe, who wanted the Liberals to defeat the government over the budget as early as next week. Mr. Layton accused Mr. Ignatieff of “propping up” Mr. Harper, and Mr. Duceppe declared the opposition coalition formed early last month “dead.” [This might be the only good news I’ve read all week – DP]
The Liberal amendment, set for a vote in the House of Commons on Monday, would require government reports to Parliament on the budget implementation and its impact on Canadians in late March and June and early December.

I presume the Liberals just aren’t ready for an election, because they could have run some pretty effective campaign ads comparing Conservative deficits to Chretien/Martin-era Liberal surpluses. What’s Danny going to do now? (Is an “ABL” campaign in the works?)
Damian P.

8 thoughts on “Your grandchildren’s tax dollars at work

  1. Yes danny is now down to the NDs as the liberals are also in favour of the reduction in transfers – iggy said not one word about it today.
    surely the NDs will be off the list soon…
    to take a quote from rex murphy at joey’s funeral and apply it to DW:
    John Donne wrote that “no man is an island”. John Donne never met Danny Williams/Joey Smallwood.

  2. “* $50 million over the next three years to strengthen slaughterhouse capacity across Canada.”
    A serious misunderstanding here! What was REALLY intended was an increase in pork opportunities…;)

  3. We haven’t had a full-blooded Conservative on this Continent in power for quite some time. The eeeevil Bush turned out to be a Liberal Lite, and that wasn’t extreme enough for the Left. [The liar Baglow too, supported Obama, assuring us that he was “down the middle” liberal, words to that effect. As if.]
    In fairness to Harper, he never sold himself as a libertarian. His policies are rather those of a Bush… fine if one is running a banana republic, I suppose.

  4. McParland should know that meat processing plants are a federal responsibility:
    From the Encyclopedia Canadiana.
    “Federally inspected plants account for over 90% of all the meat processed in Canada. Since 1997 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been responsible for monitoring and enforcement of federal regulations.”
    Also with the introduction of COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) legislation in the US, Canada needs to increase our own slaughter capacity because right now a majority of our feeder cattle head to the states for finishing and processing. With a protectionist congress and presidency ready to shut the borders at a moments notice, Canada needs all the protection it can get.

  5. Danny is coming into a big world of hurting pain with oil south of $40/bbl.
    He’s just setting up a smoke screen now to try and confuse the good people of NFLD into thinking he’s a hero.
    Danny “the mouth that roared” Williams is talking himself into a very small political corner.

  6. Don,
    Good point. I had noticed a theme of preparing for a closed border in some of the more eclectic budget items that McParland listed. They don’t make much sense now, but could if things change.
    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Obama came bearing bad news for Canadian exports. If indeed this budget reflects the government’s readiness to deal with evolving terms of trade with the US, that would be a silver lining to Harper’s Jack Layton impression.

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