Hoist by his own petard

You haven’t really made it in the Canadian blogosphere until you’ve been called a “bigot” by Warren Kinsella, so I must admit to getting a good laugh out of the “BBQ cat” mess. That said, I think Kathy gets it right:

Should Kinsella fall victim to the Professional Ethnic Victimhood Police, those of us who dislike him may get a little thrill for a moment.
But that makes us just as bad as the censors we’ve spent months and years castigating.
If Iggy fires Kinsella, I feel it is none of my business — it is his staff and campaign. I’ll feel bad for Kinsella’s family, because times are tough. I suspect my political/blogging views have/will cost me a couple of “straight” jobs. That’s the risk I take.
Much as I dislike Kinsella, not so much for his multiple jabs at me but for his bizarre personal vendetta against Ezra, I do NOT want to see this end up in the HRCs and will publicly defend his right and everyone else’s to make stupid old ethnic jokes on the internet.
“Finally, they came for Kinsella…” as it were.

Hopefully, Kinsella won’t lose his job over this – and, he’ll be a little more careful about accusing people of “racism” in the future. (Some, mind you, have deserved it.)
Damian P.


13 thoughts on “Hoist by his own petard

  1. Her main points are exactly right. Kinsella needs to be shown the door by Ignatieff, not because he’s a racist but because he’s a political handicap. The man is so tone deaf (too much amplified rock?) that he’s willing to alienate the entire Oriental population of Canada to feed his blog ego. Nobody is seriously thinking that his assinine jibes at a local Chinese restaurant, and by extension the entire Chinese-Canadian population, are worthy of a CHRC investigation?

  2. I like Kathy more already. The reason I gather for the bigot game is the misdirected concern of welfare for those whining groups one wishes to harness to their own agendas.

  3. I think Kinsella should lose his job over this. Not because it’s such a terrible thing that he said, but rather, that his has harmed so many for much the same sort of thing.
    The other reason he should lose his job is so that he might learn a bit of empathy for those whose jobs and lives he’s tried to destroy.
    The other, other reason he should lose his job is because he’s such an asshole to begin with and being a hot shot Toronto lawyer, he will find an ambulance to chase to feed his family.

  4. Kinsella likes to nuke his opponents and never gives any quarter.
    What goes around should now whack old Warnout up side his bloated ego filled head.
    He deserves to be totally wasted.

  5. Booooooo …. Freeeeekin ….. Hooooooooo.
    All of a sudden he’s a family man with real responsibilities. A victim deserving of pity?
    You don’t have to be a hypocrite to enjoy the karma coming down.
    Mr. Gettin his ass kicked in Canadian politics can STFU and go back to sucking his thumb.

  6. Kibsella said nothing wrong. But he has damaged many others for far less and now he gets his. Only yesterday he was crowing about having Harper on a leash. Now he is wearing a choke collar. Sad.

  7. Let him lose his job and explain to his wife and kids that he deserved to lose it for being a bigoted hater, all the while having us hoot and holler at his demise. That’s poetic justice.
    But please, for the love of all that’s holy, keep the Court of Marsupial Magistrates out of it. It’s bloody bad enough I’ve had to stand up for neo-nazis – I sure as hell don’t want to have to stand up for Warren Kinsella.

  8. Wait didn’t he write the book about “kicking ass” in Canadian politics?
    And didn’t he declare himself arbiter of all that is hateful on the internet and in reality?
    It really is time he got his as kicked for being an arrogant hypocrite.
    And for being so complict in Adscam!
    “They” didn’t come for Warren when he was involved in one of the biggest political crimes in Canadian history. Why would “they” bother over this?

  9. They set the rules of engagement. Now he is finding out what it is like to be on the receiving end.
    I still don’t think it is right that people are punished for their words, but it reminds me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoon when Elmer Fudd tried to shoot Bugs, so he put a cork in the end of the gun and Elmer blew up when he pulled the trigger.
    It’s good comedy.

  10. Well the purpose of a complaint to the chrc is not to punish him for this but to make a point. And making such points may be the only way to kill the chrc off. Best: he gets hauled before it, and then Harper abolishes it.

  11. Let’s be clear, words hurt but they don’t kill. That’s where Kinsella has his biggest issue, he believes words can kill. If he really believes that HE should have the courage to resign. I doubt he will.
    That said, and despite what some have written here, his words were bigoted. Too many people thinks it’s delicious he’s getting roasted, but what he said was funny. How funny is it for me, ’cause I’m going to have to explain to my little boy one day why jerks make cat jokes, or call him a “chink”, or talk about “chicken flied lice”? Will it be funny when I have to explain why? Will I have to tell him that some people really think he eats cats, or can’t pronounce the “L”, or just plain dislike him because of where he comes from? It’s hurtful, nasty stereotyping and I’d wish people would grow the hell up and realize it. It’s not being PC, I don’t want them in jail or before an HRC, but I do wish the remaining jerks who think that’s funny would look in a frickin’ mirror someday and think, “what if that was my son?”

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