“Kurtis and Brenda”

This much-forwarded inspirational message isn’t completely accurate. In many ways, the real story is even more incredible:

…Brenda was never a checkout girl. She met Kurt when he was still in college and before his career took its unfortunate turn for the worse. (She actually stuck with him, despite his many football failures.) They were together five years before they got married, not one. Her son, Zachary, is actually her oldest child and he doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome. His birth father dropped him on his head when he was an infant, leading to brain damage and blindness. (The trauma of that incident let to the father leaving Brenda, while she was pregnant with her second child.) Also, left out: the tornado that killed Brenda’s parents in 1996; the spider bite that cost Kurt a tryout with the Bears; and Brenda’s first career as a freakin’ Marine. This family craps perseverance.

Damian P.
Update: the contrast between the Cardinals’ starting QB and their backup couldn’t be more striking.
Update II: I should have credited this Cracked article, too. (But do the Warners really belong at number one?)


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