Steelers 25, Cardinals 17

My heart says Arizona, but my head says Pittsburgh. Very good offence/great defense should beat outstanding offence/mediocre defense. Plus, as Bill Simmons notes, people have been betting heavily in favor of Arizona, which means the Steelers can play a version of the “nobody believed in us!!!” card.
Either way, here’s hoping for a great game (and great commercials). Leave your predictions in the comment section.
Damian P.


6 thoughts on “Steelers 25, Cardinals 17

  1. I’ve always been a Steelers fan, but today I’m going for the Cardinals. The pre game show is absolutely unwatchable though. Keith Olbermann gives me the crawlies like scratching a chalkboard. Now I tried the show again and they had some musician trying to sing wearing a kaffiya. I guess I’ll be watching the game with the volume off, blasting some ACDC, Rush, Sabbath and Rammstein for some easy listening sounds.

  2. Maybe the best football game I’ve ever seen. James Harrison’s interception return at the end of the first half, Larry Fitzgerald’s second touchdown, Santonio’s tootsies! The Cardinals’ defence was awfully good, all things considered.
    Damian’s post verged on the prescient.

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