Just for the record…

…I can’t speak for anyone else on this list, but I have never been paid a cent by the Conservative Party (you’ve probably noticed how enthusiastic I’ve been about the recent Conservative budget), nor do I receive any blogging material from the Party or the PMO (unless spam e-mails count).
I briefly thought about taking legal action, but then I remembered that I’m not a thin-skinned, tough-guy hypocrite who runs to his lawyer’s office whenever someone writes something he doesn’t like. Not that this description fits any Canadian bloggers I can think of at the moment…
Damian P.


18 thoughts on “Just for the record…

  1. Hey, where’s my cheque? I’m a Blogging Tory too.
    For the record, I donated $100 to a CPC candidate in the last election. If Warren bothered to look me up, he would not find any record of it as it falls below Election Canada’s threshold for reporting.

  2. Oh Warren. I liked you so much better when we were on the same side. Do you really like this Ignatieff guy? Or is he paying you?

  3. Yeah, WK’s blog was somewhat readable and occasionaly even interesting, then he went Cherniak on us and it was downhill from there.
    Visions of cleaning toilets at Stornoway are clouding his vision, methinks..

  4. Now why would WK attack a bunch of bloggers who are not elected members of a political party, or leaders of a political party? Thin skinned or just trying to deflect the criticism perhaps? You would think that the politicians who all make a fair sum would pay back to the party, especially with the very generous tax rebate program. Has anyone made a full list of the members of parliament and their contributions? Interesting idea, maybe I’ll pursue it.

  5. I’d like to thank the CPC for their generous contributions to my retirement fund, especially since I’m neither Canadian nor a blogger. You guys are the best!

  6. Comment by Warren K:
    …that, or you’d get your ass kicked.
    What a baby. Seriously – I thought people realise the tough-guy internet thing was done already.
    This is the kind of ‘talent’ Ignatieff has got working for him? I could have sworn this idiot was wondering where the ‘adults’ were in the Tory war-room a few months ago.

  7. I like the end of Victor Wong’s post at “The Phantom Observer”:
    “In any case, to be mentioned in the same passage as Stephen Taylor, Kate of Small Dead Animals, Ezra, Steve Janke, Jarrett Plonka, and Damian — I have to admit, it’s sorta flattering that my own particular brand of blogposting scares Kinsella as much as these folks. I must be doing something right.”

  8. Well, I’ve always thought he looks (and acts) more like Frank Burns…but anyway.
    He DOES seem to be a bit distracted lately, doesn’t he? Maybe its his diet. Perhaps he should cut out the cat for a week, see how he feels.
    I mean, trying to link up some Tory money going somewhere sometime (and apparently failing) isn’t exactly “Prince of Darkness” stuff, is it? Maybe the Prince’s accountant.

  9. For someone that’s supposed to be contrite this week, Boy Warren is awfully confrontational, isn’t he? He must be figuring out ways to pay off the Nazi that’s suing him and the CBC. There’s got to be a reason that he isn’t crowing about that victory, hasn’t there?
    God, I’ll giggle my ass off if he loses that case. Kinsella’s inability to properly tsk-tsk a Holocaust denier without having a judgement filed against him would be everything you need to know about his communication skills.
    If Count Michael of Cambridge is half as professional as I keep hearing he is, we’ll be reading about Warren’s “resignation” from Team Iggy by the end of March. That’ll give him all the time in the world to comment on the dietary habits of the rest of Asia. I hope he starts with the Sikhs. They’ll love the commentary in, say, Brampton.
    But if these comments are indeed approved by his bosses, and Warren is a fair represntation of the Liberal Party’s web presence, Ignatieff is giong to make Dion look like fucking Braveheart.
    The guy is a pussy. He’s intent on humiliating himself, his party and his candidate. That he’s considered a political professional is all the evidence I need that politics in this country is doomed. We’d be better off with a dictator. You know, “Men with Guns. In the streets of Canada. I am not making this up.”
    “Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics” indeed! One restaurant review won him two week’s worth of negative coverage. He was better off with baking recommendations.

  10. Comment by Warren K:
    …that, or you’d get your ass kicked
    It must really irritate Warren that the “K” key is right next to the “L” key … he keeps pressing the “K” by mistake…

  11. “Michael Ignatieff has donated through the Laurier Club in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.”
    I’m impressed …
    And to emphasis Skippy’s point, where is the luminous data on Warren the K’s contributions to which party?

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