Twenty years ago this week

Chris Gueffroy became the last person murdered for the crime of trying to escape East Germany.
Aside from the politcal repression, Gueffroy – and approximately 1,200 other East Germans shot dead while trying to cross into the West – were trying to escape this. (Photos here.)
Damian P.


2 thoughts on “Twenty years ago this week

  1. Some countries need walls to enslave their people.
    Cuba just uses the ocean and tens of thousands of Cubans have died trying to escape that Worker’s Paradise.
    But these types of nations are still jails and their citizens are prisoners, without any freedoms or rights.
    And every year Canadians in their tens of thousands vacation in Cuba, providing foreign exchange to help keep the ruling class kleptocracy in power, helping to keep the people of Cuba enslaved.

  2. As my Lefty friends used to say before the Wall fell, they were deluded by Western propaganda,East Germany was a paradise compared to the West, they actually said this,!

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