The Edward R. Murrow of our age gets suckered by the vaccines-cause-autism movement. (via LGF)
More about vaccine trooferism – including an excellent interview with infectious disease specialist Dr. Paul Offit, who has just written a book on the subject – here.
Damian P.


2 thoughts on “Quackermann

  1. Journalists are used to going about their business without having much effect on anything. They call the Prime Minister a nimrod and big corporations greedy, and no one really cares. It doesn’t matter if they do their job poorly or well, or even if what they say is true.
    But sometimes it does. Sometimes they blather on as usual about a subject where people’s lives are at stake. They don’t pause to think that maybe they had better be careful, maybe they had be extra sure that their facts are right.
    In the University of Toronto student newspaper “The Varsity”, I ran across an article (http://www.thevarsity.ca/article/6452) criticizing Gardasil, a vaccine for cervical cancer. It was clearly a hatchet job, with many errors in both logic and fact. The author was far more interested in “making a case” than giving an accurate assessment.
    I wonder if anyone in The Varsity stopped and thought “Is it unethical to run this article? Are we costing someone their life?”

  2. The Varsity is a rag, The Cannon has always been a better read. You could tell that article jumped the shark as soon as the numbers came out.
    I have to say though, in terms of risk planning, giving EVERY young woman a new vaccine keyed to her reproductive system sounds like the beginning of a Ray Bradbury story that would end with a sole survivor screaming at an empty street.

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