Headline of the day

I’m not sure whether to be encouraged or discouraged:

Canada’s youngest killer ‘making progress’ in therapy

Mark C.


2 thoughts on “Headline of the day

  1. Why would you feel discouraged? I mean, the girl was 12 when it happened. Even if it takes 20 years for her to be able to live a normal life, she still has a lot of time ahead of her. Better to be making progress and have that prospect, than not.

  2. “Last fall, the girl’s sentence review was adjourned pending more information. At that October hearing, it was revealed she was doing well in therapy, but had a “failure to internalize” — a term experts say generally means a lack of remorse.”
    Umm . . . let’s hope she has, indeed, made some “progress” since then. But I put little faith in social workers. She sounds to me like a textbook psychopath. They exhibit a total lack of emotion, and often start their killing/torturing sprees while still in childhood.

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