Bowing to the Saudi King

Yep, Bush did it too. Subservience to one of the world’s most despicable regimes, unfortunately, is firmly embedded in the United States government as a whole, not just whichever political party you oppose.
Damian P.


10 thoughts on “Bowing to the Saudi King

  1. There is a big difference between Bush lowering his head so that an award may be placed around his neck and Obama bending himself almost in half for whatever other reason.

  2. Did you even watch the video before rushing to post this? Saudi king is placing a medal around Bush’s neck. This is the sort of thing I would expect to see in NYT. Perhaps you are aspiring to execute a leveraged buyout of NYT.

  3. Unless you are willing to declare an all out war against Islam and ready to treat them like the Japanese were treated in WW2, then you had better come to an understanding that the west will have to deal and interact with the Islam and their regimes in some capacity.

  4. “Taliban with oil” my ass damian.
    since when did the saudi ruler do anything as extreme as the taliban? Like letting the al queda base their operations there?
    You were caught drawing a paralell that wasn’t there. And even more regrettable is that you did not point out that Bush was severely criticised by the MSM for his pleasantness with the Saudi King whilst Obama’s subservience has been largely ignored (or buried).
    You supported BO over the gop option and now you have to wear it.

  5. Damian is stuck with an anti-American American president, one who has no particular affinity with the country. Why would he, since he was not even born here?
    Obama considers himself a tranzi, and is behaving like one.
    How do you say that in Canadian?

  6. Obama has quickly become Jimmy Carter II.
    All players have realized that he is a weak horse, both domestically and in global affairs. His own party in Congress is ignoring him and is on a merry spree to gather as much loot as possible before it is thrown out. His cabinet is the most incompetent in history, staffed with tax-cheats and scoundrels who have lived off the government teat all their lives.
    All the enemies of America (Western Europe, Russia, China, Iran, NK) are pulling his chain every which way.

  7. Whoops, Damian! Suggesting that Obama is anything less than the Antichrist will surely get you excommunicated from the High Church of Wingnuttery.

  8. You must be mistaken Damian. Subservience to Israeli PMs is inculcated from birth in the American political class. Indeed, the last Israeli PM, Olmert publicly bragged about his relationship with Bush, calling him his poodle.

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