Blogging again

Posting won’t be as frequent as in my pre-fatherhood days, but I just couldn’t stay away forever. It’s good to be back.


4 thoughts on “Blogging again

  1. Almost couldn’t believe my eyes when Google Reader told me I had unread items for Daimnation!
    Welcome back.

  2. You were the first BLOGGER I ever read.
    Don’t go away again

  3. Damian - the other one September 6, 2009 — 11:29 AM

    Fantastic! Glad to see you back in the mix, Damian.

  4. What a welcome surprise. Glad you were still in our bookmarks, and for whatever reason I clicked on to see if perhaps you might be getting election fever or if you decided to dust off the ol keyboard.
    Great stuff.

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