Steyn quote of the day

“When people call the [NY] Times the “newspaper of record”, for an increasing number of politically inconvenient stories it seems to be a “record” mainly in the sense that Pat Boone’s cover version of Little Richard is – perfectly pleasant and innocuous but with all the life drained out of it.”


2 thoughts on “Steyn quote of the day

  1. And Chavez is being greeted as some sort of hero in Venice.Really a country that does not allow it’s citizens to vote (ie Cuba) should not even be allowed in the U.N.

  2. Perhaps, the mantle of “of Record” has passed to the blogs and New Media, much as was the case of the Pamphlets and the Newspapers of 18th century colonial America. The Times of London certainly wasn’t up on the Revolution, either, in those days.
    My, how the Times have remained the same. Heh… at least the Times of London seems to have pulled its own weight and may yet thrive.

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