The killing of a family lawyer

For those of us who practice in this heated, emotional area of law, this is the kind of story that sends chills down our spines:

A 62-year-old divorce lawyer reportedly shot to death in his Yuma, Ariz., law office this morning represented the ex-wife of the man authorities say was responsible for five fatal shootings in and around the city today.

Jerrold Shelley was in the process of packing up his law office, expecting to retire from practice at the end of the day, when he was slain by a man authorities have identified as Carey Hal Dyess, 73, reports theAssociated Press.

The ex-wife, who is not identified by name, is believed to be among the four other slain victims, reports the On Deadline blog of USA Today. A fifth individual was wounded by the gunman before he reportedly committed suicide.

The AP says an Arizona judge issued a protective order in 2006 concerning the Dyess divorce case. He had been divorced four times previously in Washington state.

Via @wiselaw.


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