The short history of a scam

Company Man, one of the most consistently entertaining and informative YouTube channels, explains the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme in eleven minutes.


The making of a Big Lie

In 2010, Israeli commandos stormed a boat piloted by peaceful activists delivering supplies to Gaza, and carried out a completely unprovoked massacre that left ten people dead. That's what the activists say publicly, at least.  Privately, in the rabidly antisemitic Facebook group to which PM-in-waiting Jeremy Corbyn once belonged, the flotilla leader admitted that Israel … Continue reading The making of a Big Lie

Putin’s game

In a remarkable Twitter thread, a Russian sportswriter illustrates how the KHL, Russia's premier professional hockey league (sometimes considered the best league in the world after the NHL) is being rigged so Putin's beloved SKA will win. "Победная" шайба "армейцев". ХК "Северсталь" - "СКА" 👏👏👏 — HC Severstal (@severstalclub) March 7, 2018 Instead of … Continue reading Putin’s game