When good rulings happen to bad people

The Alberta couple who let their going son die a horrible death from meningitis have had their convictions overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada: The Supreme Court of Canada overturned the 2016 conviction on Tuesday after about one hour of arguments from the Crown and counsel for David Stephan and his wife, Collet, found … Continue reading When good rulings happen to bad people


Values test tested

When the owners of an Alberta irrigation company applied for grant money from the federal government's summer-jobs program, they refused to sign the "attestation" that their "core mandate" was to ensure that Charter rights are protected. Wish makes sense, considering that the "core mandate" of an irrigation company would be to, you know, irrigate things. … Continue reading Values test tested

The conservative case against capital punishment

As the President talks about expanding capital punishment to drug dealers, and Oklahoma resorts to increasingly desperate measures to carry out the ultimate punishment, Sarah Quinlan of RedState.com makes the unimpeachable case that anyone who supports limiting the power of the state should oppose giving the state the power to take a life: On March 14, … Continue reading The conservative case against capital punishment