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Book review: A Cruel Arithmetic: Inside the Case Against Polygamy by Craig Jones

[Originally posted at Canadian Lawyer] When s. 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada was referred to the British Columbia Supreme Court, I wrote that I believed the law was clearly unconstitutional in its current form: If this case was about legal recognition … Continue reading

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Roach v. The Queen

A Toronto lawyer is pursuing legal action against the requirement that new Canadian citizens swear an oath to the country’s formal Head of State: Charles Roach estimates he has at least a year and a half left to live before … Continue reading

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Political suicide, Alberta-style

If I lived in Alberta, I’d probably vote PC.  I agree with some of the Wildrose Party’s ideas, but they’re a bit far to the right even for me.  (This kind of thing certainly doesn’t help.) I suspect many Albertans … Continue reading

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Danny Williams: The War With Ottawa

My latest book review for Canadian Lawyer has been posted.  Bill Rowe’s account of his experiences as Newfoundland and Labrador’s “ambassador” to Ottawa, while Danny Williams and Paul Martin feuded over equalization payments and offshore oil revenues, doesn’t do enough … Continue reading

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