Friends don’t let friends donate sperm for friends

A man in Kansas donated his sperm to a lesbian couple so they could have a child. Now, even though none of the parties intended it, he has been ordered to pay child support: Shawnee County District Court Judge Mary Mattivi wrote Wednesday that because a licensed physician was not involved in the artificial insemination … Continue reading Friends don’t let friends donate sperm for friends


Crime doesn’t pay. Criminals do.

So your income went down after you were convicted of a criminal offence, and now you can't pay child support?  Too bad: When it comes to paying child support, courts won’t sympathize with parents who are the authors of their own financial demise through criminal activity, a family court judge recently ruled this month. In Rogers … Continue reading Crime doesn’t pay. Criminals do.

Nova Scotia’s Maintenance Enforcement Mess

The Dexter government's inexplicable decision to move the Maintenance Enforcement Program from Halifax to Cape Breton is creating massive headaches for support recipients: More stories of confusion and uncertainty emerged Tuesday over the NDP government moving the offices and staff tasked with tracking down deadbeat dads. As of this month, the Justice Department has closed … Continue reading Nova Scotia’s Maintenance Enforcement Mess

“This is the judgment day for your children. It’s not about you.”

Every child custody/access litigant should read these words, from South Carolina family court judge Paul W. Garfinkel: A custody case is much different than any accident case or a criminal trial. In those cases, an attorney is only asked to prove what happened at a specific date and place. All of the events have been fixed … Continue reading “This is the judgment day for your children. It’s not about you.”


An American law professor says would-be fathers should be responsible for paying support to the women they've impregnated - before the child is born: A prenatal blood test makes it possible to link a woman’s partner to her pregnancy, according to University of Richmond law professor Shari Motro. A potential ramification, she writes for the New York … Continue reading “Preglimony”

The latest professional athlete unable to make his child support payments is...[drum roll]...Warren Sapp: Former NFL star Warren Sapp owes more than $6.7 million to creditors and back child support and alimony, according to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in South Florida. Sapp's $6.45 million in assets includes 240 pairs of Jordan athletic shoes worth … Continue reading

Dennis Rodman, who made millions playing basketball, starring in bad movies and generally being famous for being famous, owes $808,935 in child support arrears and even has lawyers working pro bono. He's fallen so far since the 2009 Progress Club Sports Celebrity Dinner, hasn't he?

How to ensure you don’t get custody of your children

Lawyer Jacqueline Harounian makes a list at the Huffington Post.  If the children are older it might be too late to make up for not being the primary caregiver, but her instructions should be followed to the letter: 1. Not being the primary caretaker: In most households, one parent is most responsible for caring for the … Continue reading How to ensure you don’t get custody of your children

“Surviving the Holidays After Divorce”

Marybeth Sampsel, a family lawyer in Kalispell, Montana, posted some excellent suggestions for getting through Christmas.  A sample: Keep your anger, resentment, annoyance, disgust about your ex, his sports car, his/her new love and his family, to yourself. Remember, your kids are part of both of you and when you slam your child’s other parent, your … Continue reading “Surviving the Holidays After Divorce”