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Friends don’t let friends donate sperm for friends

A man in Kansas donated his sperm to a lesbian couple so they could have a child. Now, even though none of the parties intended it, he has been ordered to pay child support: Shawnee County District Court Judge Mary … Continue reading

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Crime doesn’t pay. Criminals do.

So your income went down after you were convicted of a criminal offence, and now you can’t pay child support?  Too bad: When it comes to paying child support, courts won’t sympathize with parents who are the authors of their … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia’s Maintenance Enforcement Mess

The Dexter government’s inexplicable decision to move the Maintenance Enforcement Program from Halifax to Cape Breton is creating massive headaches for support recipients: More stories of confusion and uncertainty emerged Tuesday over the NDP government moving the offices and staff … Continue reading

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“This is the judgment day for your children. It’s not about you.”

Every child custody/access litigant should read these words, from South Carolina family court judge Paul W. Garfinkel: A custody case is much different than any accident case or a criminal trial. In those cases, an attorney is only asked to prove … Continue reading

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An American law professor says would-be fathers should be responsible for paying support to the women they’ve impregnated – before the child is born: A prenatal blood test makes it possible to link a woman’s partner to her pregnancy, according to … Continue reading

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The latest professional athlete unable to make his child support payments is…[drum roll]…Warren Sapp: Former NFL star Warren Sapp owes more than $6.7 million to creditors and back child support and alimony, according to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in … Continue reading

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Dennis Rodman, who made millions playing basketball, starring in bad movies and generally being famous for being famous, owes $808,935 in child support arrears and even has lawyers working pro bono. He’s fallen so far since the 2009 Progress Club Sports Celebrity Dinner, … Continue reading

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