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“Cyber Safety” in Nova Scotia

This province’s new Cyber Safety Act, drafted after the horrible Rehteah Parsons case came to light, officially took effect yesterday. The law firm of Stewart McKelvey published this brief summary of the new law: Cyberbullying is defined in the Act as: any … Continue reading

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Unrecommended legal strategies (I)

It’s bad enough when clients wear old jeans and hoodies to court.  This is just a little bit worse: Heath Campbell is the leader of a pro-Nazi group called Hitler’s Order. He lives in New Jersey, and chose to name … Continue reading

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Book Review – Without Honour: The True Story of the Shafia Family and the Kingston Canal Murders by Rob Tripp

[Originally posted at Canadian Lawyer] “My children did a lot of cruelty toward me.” – Mohammad Shafia, testifying at his trial for murdering his first wife and three daughters His daughters’ “cruelty” manifested itself in several ways: wearing revealing and immodest … Continue reading

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Did the Pope resign to avoid an arrest warrant? (Probably not.)

Ever since the shock resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, my Facebook news feed has been inundated with dubiously sourced reports like this, arguing that he is stepping down because of an imminent warrant for his arrest. There are indeed serious … Continue reading

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“This is the judgment day for your children. It’s not about you.”

Every child custody/access litigant should read these words, from South Carolina family court judge Paul W. Garfinkel: A custody case is much different than any accident case or a criminal trial. In those cases, an attorney is only asked to prove … Continue reading

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Penn State is going to pay

Jerry Sandusky has been convicted, and I hope science comes up with a way to keep him alive for the 400+ years’ incarceration to which he will likely be sentenced.  Now, the civil suits begin: Now, attention will turn to … Continue reading

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Insert your own “Jazz Singer” reference here

On one hand, she may have her daughter taken into care. On the other hand, she’s almost certain to get her own show on TLC.

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