The unluckiest man in Quebec

Supreme Court says this poor sod loses a $27-million jackpot because thermal printers are kinda slow. — Doug Saunders (@DougSaunders) January 29, 2015 I feel awful for this poor guy, but if the convenience store clerk was telling the truth - that he warned him that his second ticket was for the following week's … Continue reading The unluckiest man in Quebec


“Cyber Safety” in Nova Scotia

This province's new Cyber Safety Act, drafted after the horrible Rehteah Parsons case came to light, officially took effect yesterday. The law firm of Stewart McKelvey published this brief summary of the new law: Cyberbullying is defined in the Act as: any electronic communication through the use of technology including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, … Continue reading “Cyber Safety” in Nova Scotia

Your Facebook photos may be held against you

Courts are still grappling with admitting social media postings into evidence, but there are several reported cases where litigants' Facebook pictures were deemed admissible: The first decision rendered in Canada on this subject came from the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario, which had to rule on the admissibility as evidence of photographs published on … Continue reading Your Facebook photos may be held against you