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Why the foiled Halifax shooting plot (allegedly) wasn’t terrorism

This Canadian Press article by Laura Kane explains how the distinction between “terrorism” and mere criminal activity can be blurry, and why the alleged plot to shoot up the Halifax Shopping Centre this past weekend doesn’t qualify as a terror … Continue reading

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Blasphemy is a crime in Canada

Not because we’re living under the Stephen Harper Christofascist dictatorship, though. (Sorry, Michael Harris.)  It’s actually a law that hasn’t been enforced successfully since 1935, but remains part of the Criminal Code of Canada: Section 296 of the Criminal Code … Continue reading

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Greenspan’s last words

Just hours before he passed away on Christmas Eve, Edward Greenspan, arguably Canada’s best-known criminal defence lawyer, submitted this critique of the Harper government’s “tough-on-crime” rhetoric (co-written with Anthony Doob) to the National Post: “All convicted criminals belong behind bars.” We know … Continue reading

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Hamas’ Jewish lawyer

There’s nothing wrong with defending unpopular people in court.  On the contrary, it’s downright admirable.  It’s what the criminal justice system is all about. But this guy gives off a definite Doug Christie vibe. (Or he would, if Doug Christie … Continue reading

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Murder without a body

Yesterday, the news we’d all been dreading was confirmed by Calgary police, and today a suspect was charged: The man police have been investigating in the disappearance of a missing Calgary family has been formally charged with their murders. Douglas Garland was … Continue reading

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In defence of Hillary’s defence work

The conservative Washington Free Beacon dug into Hillary Clinton’s representation of an accused rapist during the mid-eighties, and posted this audio recording from an interview given a few years later: The Free Beacon‘s Alana Goodman argues that Clinton’s representation of this man, … Continue reading

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The story of a little prick

The country’s highest court has ruled that if your partner consents to sexual intercourse with protection, and then you tamper with the condom in some way, you are guilty of sexual assault: The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an … Continue reading

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