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Who gets the RRSPs?

The Globe and Mail on division of Registered Retirement Savings Plans following the breakdown of a marriage: While family law across Canada calls for a 50-50 split of matrimonial property, couples don’t necessarily need to split each asset right down … Continue reading

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Via @MarlaGilsig, 21 signs that your husband may be hiding assets.  (Not listed: “his name is Dennis Rodman.”)

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Eric, Lola, and division of property

This week, the Supreme Court of Canada will revisit the issue of whether common-law spouses are presumptively entitled to an equal division of family property: They’re known as “de facto spouses.” Partners in a paperless marriage. Or, in this case, … Continue reading

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Family finances shouldn’t be a secret

Mindelle Jacobs of the Edmonton Sun, on the importance of sharing financial information: Marie got the shock of her life at a routine mortgage renewal meeting, when her husband told the bank manager he’d racked up $22,000 in credit card … Continue reading

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The legend of “Here, My Dear”

It’s one of the most enduring urban legends in music history: that a family court Judge ordered Marvin Gaye to pay his ex-wife all the royalties from his next album, so he deliberately recorded a stinker that no one would … Continue reading

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What part of “get a prenup” didn’t he understand?

Kobe Bryant’s wife has filed for divorce, and under California law, she will be entitled to half of the millions Bryant has earned playing basketball unless he had a prenuptual agreement or marriage contract oh hey guess what? Kobe Bryant‘s … Continue reading

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When seniors separate

The breakdown of a long marriage is especially heartbreaking, but it’s no longer uncommon.  This Canadian Press article contains some good advice for older Canadians who are separating. (Well, except for the recommendation that couples who get along “try to … Continue reading

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