The 50% divorce myth

Everyone "knows" half of all American marriages end in divorce, and that was indeed the case in the 1970s and 1980s.  But it isn't true today: Despite hand-wringing about the institution of marriage, marriages in this country are stronger today than they have been in a long time. The divorce rate peaked in the 1970s … Continue reading The 50% divorce myth


The child support clawback

In several Canadian provinces (including Nova Scotia) child support payments are deducted from social assistance.  A group of single mothers in British Columbia has launched a court challenge against this policy: The case will argue that the deduction of child support payments from income and disability assistance violates single parent’s right to equality under the Canadian … Continue reading The child support clawback

His condition was updated to “alive”

1990: man mysteriously disappears without a trace. 2000: his grieving wife reluctantly has him declared legally dead, and begins collecting his pension. 2010: man reappears, claiming he had amnesia. Now he has commenced legal action to recover the pension: ...four years ago — 20 years after he disappeared — he came home. Bright said it … Continue reading His condition was updated to “alive”

The end of “custody” and “access”

A survey of Canadian family lawyers shows most opposed to a presumption that children should spend close to equal time with their divorced or separated parents, but overwhelming support for changing the outdated, confrontational terms currently used to describe the "winners" and "losers" in cases involving children: Canadian family law lawyers and judges reported that … Continue reading The end of “custody” and “access”

Book Review – Without Honour: The True Story of the Shafia Family and the Kingston Canal Murders by Rob Tripp

[Originally posted at Canadian Lawyer] “My children did a lot of cruelty toward me.” - Mohammad Shafia, testifying at his trial for murdering his first wife and three daughters His daughters’ “cruelty” manifested itself in several ways: wearing revealing and immodest clothing, dating boys, and refusing to follow his strict orders. And for that, they had … Continue reading Book Review – Without Honour: The True Story of the Shafia Family and the Kingston Canal Murders by Rob Tripp