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“Cyber Safety” in Nova Scotia

This province’s new Cyber Safety Act, drafted after the horrible Rehteah Parsons case came to light, officially took effect yesterday. The law firm of Stewart McKelvey published this brief summary of the new law: Cyberbullying is defined in the Act as: any … Continue reading

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It’s dirty work (and lawyers get to do it)

Canadian Lawyer‘s Gail Cohen praises the late Doug Christie for representing people many lawyers wouldn’t touch: Christie, often called The Battling Barrister or Counsel for the Damned, became notorious for his defence of some of the most reviled hatemongers in … Continue reading

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Book review: A Cruel Arithmetic: Inside the Case Against Polygamy by Craig Jones

[Originally posted at Canadian Lawyer] When s. 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada was referred to the British Columbia Supreme Court, I wrote that I believed the law was clearly unconstitutional in its current form: If this case was about legal recognition … Continue reading

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Book review: “From the Closet to the Altar”

[Originally posted at Canadian Lawyer] In 1957, a prominent American group denounced homosexuality as “socially heretical or deviant,” and determined that laws against it posed no constitutional problems. That organization: the American Civil Liberties Union. For years thereafter, “sodomy” was a … Continue reading

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Omar Khadr and the rule of law

Dan Gardner explains that the Khadr case is not about national security so much as it’s about holding the federal government to its obligations under the constitution: In 2010, a federal court judge agreed that the involvement of Canadian officials … Continue reading

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Roach v. The Queen

A Toronto lawyer is pursuing legal action against the requirement that new Canadian citizens swear an oath to the country’s formal Head of State: Charles Roach estimates he has at least a year and a half left to live before … Continue reading

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“How About Defending Speech Because It’s Speech, Not Because You Agree With It?”

I want to print this post from Popehat, frame it and mount it on my wall. …Say that someone sues, or threatens, or abuses someone whose ideas you despise, someone whose good faith you doubt, someone working for political or social ends you … Continue reading

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