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“The Rise and Fall of Aereo”

Damon Root, in the latest issue of Reason, has an interesting piece explaining the U.S. Supreme Court battle between Aereo, makers of a tiny antenna which allowed subscribers to watch and record TV broadcasts on their mobile phones, and the … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn’s self-destructive streak

As a longtime fan of Steyn’s writing, I’m disappointed to see him doing pretty much everything you should never do when you’re the defendant in a defamation suit: In 2012—after writers for National Review and a prominent conservative think tank accused him of … Continue reading

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“Cyber Safety” in Nova Scotia

This province’s new Cyber Safety Act, drafted after the horrible Rehteah Parsons case came to light, officially took effect yesterday. The law firm of Stewart McKelvey published this brief summary of the new law: Cyberbullying is defined in the Act as: any … Continue reading

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Book Review – Without Honour: The True Story of the Shafia Family and the Kingston Canal Murders by Rob Tripp

[Originally posted at Canadian Lawyer] “My children did a lot of cruelty toward me.” – Mohammad Shafia, testifying at his trial for murdering his first wife and three daughters His daughters’ “cruelty” manifested itself in several ways: wearing revealing and immodest … Continue reading

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Slandering the dead

It is understandable that friends and family members would instinctively rush to the defense of loved ones accused of a terrible crime.  And, of course, they’re innocent until proven guilty, and there may be details about the Rehtaeh Parsons case … Continue reading

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Whoever wins, we lose

The good news is, Donald Trump or Bill Maher will lose this case. The bad news is, Donald Trump or Bill Maher will win this case: Donald Trump is filing a lawsuit against Bill Maher for failing to live up to an “unconditional … Continue reading

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The kids are alright

Not all child stars end up like Lindsay Lohan.  Business Insider lists six who went on to become successful lawyers, like Charlie Korsmo from Dick Tracy and Hook: Law School: Yale Undergraduate: MIT — Physics Current job: Law professor at Case Western Reserve University School … Continue reading

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