Our Zimmerman case

Over two years after she was allegedly raped, and four months after she took her own life, two of Rehtaeh Parsons's alleged tormentors will appear in court today: Two young men face child pornography charges today in a high-profile court case connected to Rehtaeh Parsons, the Nova Scotia teen who was bullied online and then … Continue reading Our Zimmerman case


“Cyber Safety” in Nova Scotia

This province's new Cyber Safety Act, drafted after the horrible Rehteah Parsons case came to light, officially took effect yesterday. The law firm of Stewart McKelvey published this brief summary of the new law: Cyberbullying is defined in the Act as: any electronic communication through the use of technology including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, … Continue reading “Cyber Safety” in Nova Scotia

Could you forgive?

Try not to be moved to tears as you read this emotionally shattering piece from CBC's Phonse Jessome, about a deeply religious Nova Scotia mother who lost her two daughters to an impaired driver - and then forgave him. It cannot be said often enough: for God's sake, people, don't drink and drive.

Nova Scotia’s Maintenance Enforcement Mess

The Dexter government's inexplicable decision to move the Maintenance Enforcement Program from Halifax to Cape Breton is creating massive headaches for support recipients: More stories of confusion and uncertainty emerged Tuesday over the NDP government moving the offices and staff tasked with tracking down deadbeat dads. As of this month, the Justice Department has closed … Continue reading Nova Scotia’s Maintenance Enforcement Mess

Two related stories

Canada: A Nova Scotia teenager who made international headlines for getting suspended from school after wearing a T-shirt with a Christian message didn't attend classes on Monday and may be leaving the school for good. William Swinimer, a Grade 12 student at Forest Heights Community School in Chester Basin, N.S., was suspended last Monday after … Continue reading Two related stories