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Nova Scotia’s Maintenance Enforcement Mess

The Dexter government’s inexplicable decision to move the Maintenance Enforcement Program from Halifax to Cape Breton is creating massive headaches for support recipients: More stories of confusion and uncertainty emerged Tuesday over the NDP government moving the offices and staff … Continue reading

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Eric, Lola, and division of property

This week, the Supreme Court of Canada will revisit the issue of whether common-law spouses are presumptively entitled to an equal division of family property: They’re known as “de facto spouses.” Partners in a paperless marriage. Or, in this case, … Continue reading

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The legend of “Here, My Dear”

It’s one of the most enduring urban legends in music history: that a family court Judge ordered Marvin Gaye to pay his ex-wife all the royalties from his next album, so he deliberately recorded a stinker that no one would … Continue reading

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