No bunny’s home

An Ontario court has ruled that a child-welfare agency violated the rights of a Christian couple who wouldn't tell their foster children about the Easter Bunny. Frances and Derek Baars, who describe themselves as a Christian couple with "strong religious faith," took the Children's Aid Society of Hamilton to court in April 2017, about a year after … Continue reading No bunny’s home


Football and Family Law

A Pittsburgh couple are battling in family court over whether their teenaged son should be allowed to play high school football: A father, John Orsini, has gone to court to prevent the youngest of his three sons from playing high school football because, he said, scientific studies have revealed the perils of repeated blows to … Continue reading Football and Family Law

The child support clawback

In several Canadian provinces (including Nova Scotia) child support payments are deducted from social assistance.  A group of single mothers in British Columbia has launched a court challenge against this policy: The case will argue that the deduction of child support payments from income and disability assistance violates single parent’s right to equality under the Canadian … Continue reading The child support clawback

His condition was updated to “alive”

1990: man mysteriously disappears without a trace. 2000: his grieving wife reluctantly has him declared legally dead, and begins collecting his pension. 2010: man reappears, claiming he had amnesia. Now he has commenced legal action to recover the pension: ...four years ago — 20 years after he disappeared — he came home. Bright said it … Continue reading His condition was updated to “alive”

The end of “custody” and “access”

A survey of Canadian family lawyers shows most opposed to a presumption that children should spend close to equal time with their divorced or separated parents, but overwhelming support for changing the outdated, confrontational terms currently used to describe the "winners" and "losers" in cases involving children: Canadian family law lawyers and judges reported that … Continue reading The end of “custody” and “access”

Mom of the year

A New York court has ordered a woman to stop posting anything online about her children: There's not much to “like” about this woman’s Facebook habits. A mean upstate mom who cyber-bullied her emotionally-disturbed 10-year-old son on Facebook by calling him an “a-----e” has been banned from posting anything about her kids online. “Melody M.” … Continue reading Mom of the year