Why the foiled Halifax shooting plot (allegedly) wasn’t terrorism

This Canadian Press article by Laura Kane explains how the distinction between "terrorism" and mere criminal activity can be blurry, and why the alleged plot to shoot up the Halifax Shopping Centre this past weekend doesn't qualify as a terror plot: Police said there is no evidence that ideology or culture is part of the … Continue reading Why the foiled Halifax shooting plot (allegedly) wasn’t terrorism


There’s no justice like mob justice

Reading the front-page story in today's Metro, about 13 Dalhousie dental students being suspended from clinical activities for their appallingly sexist Facebook comments, I was struck by this passage near the end: Florizone said he’s not ruling out the possibility of expulsion, but emphasized university administration must follow a fair and just process to determine … Continue reading There’s no justice like mob justice

Professor Petras and the Jooooooooooos

James Petras, writing for the notoriously anti-Semitic (and deceptively named) Veterans Today: Over the past fifty years a far-reaching transformation has taken place within Jewish organizations, among its leaders and their practices and policies.  Currently Jewish leaders have converted charities, social aid-societies and overseas programs for working class Jews into money machines for self-enrichment; converted charities funding health programs … Continue reading Professor Petras and the Jooooooooooos