Good lawyering, bad PR

"MGM resorts sues victims of Las Vegas massacre": the headlines sound downright dystopian, and the social media reaction is pretty much what you would expect. But in context, the company's move makes sense. MGM, owners of the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino, are being sued for their alleged negligence in inadvertently providing a shooter's nest … Continue reading Good lawyering, bad PR


After Kennedy

Wow. I don't think anything could make partisan warfare in this country hotter than it already is. Anthony Kennedy: DRINK FROM MY FIREHOSE OF GASOLINE, BITCHES! — J.D. Tuccille (@JD_Tuccille) June 27, 2018 Because of the two defining features of modern American politics - Republican ruthlessness and Democratic strategic blunders - President Trump will almost … Continue reading After Kennedy

A tattoo is not a legal document

According to a recent letter in the New England Journal of Medicine, doctors at Florida's University of Miami Hospital had to decide whether an unconscious patient's "Do Not Resuscitate" tattoo should be honored: His anterior chest had a tattoo that read “Do Not Resuscitate,” accompanied by his presumed signature.  Because he presented without identification or family, the social … Continue reading A tattoo is not a legal document

Greenspan’s last words

Just hours before he passed away on Christmas Eve, Edward Greenspan, arguably Canada's best-known criminal defence lawyer, submitted this critique of the Harper government's "tough-on-crime" rhetoric (co-written with Anthony Doob) to the National Post: “All convicted criminals belong behind bars.” We know of no person knowledgeable about criminal justice in any democratic society who has ever proposed … Continue reading Greenspan’s last words